Planning for the future and give your loved ones peace of mind

We all like to think we plan ahead! But there is one thing many don’t like to talk about and when it arises, it comes at one of the most difficult times for our loved ones. By taking out a prepaid funeral plan you can help them make that time a little easier.

There are many plans available, they are advertised on TV, in newspapers, magazines, insurance brokers, at the bank or financial advisers and now even the Post Office will sell you a plan as well. Some of these are not all that you think. Some only contribute towards the cost of a funeral, some will not outline the type of funeral you want and some will advertise a funeral director of your choice (as long as it’s one on their list, normally a multi-national firm). So why not speak to the Funeral Professional at the outset? An independent Funeral Director will give you an individual service tailored to what you want and help guide you through the process.

Prepaid funeral plans provide a guarantee that your chosen wishes are carried out. A plan will be able to reduce the burden to your loved ones by giving them peace of mind that you will have the funeral of your choice.

We have a number of plan types to choose from. We recommend the Independent Way Funeral Plan as it gives you the flexibility to have what you want and how you want it. In addition to this Plan, there are three pre-set plans as well: The Simple Way, The Traditional Way and The Exclusive Way.

To take out a funeral plan, the process is straight forward; you will need to select the type of funeral you would like and pay the current price for the selected funeral. Payment can be made in a lump sum or instalments, the choice is yours.

The Funeral Director’s fees are guaranteed to stay the same; the third party expenses, known as disbursements, however, can sometime exceed the plan value and may need additional funds to meet any increases there may be.

For more information on Golden Charter Funeral Plans available, please contact us and we will be pleased to advise you. 

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