The funeral Planning Authority

With new regulations introduced by the Government in January 2002, the Funeral Planning Authority was set up to police the pre-paid funeral market ensuring that client's money are properly held safely in trust or by an insurance compnay

The Funeral Arbitration Scheme

As we are members of the NAFD, in the event that, you may have a problem with the provision of the funeral service, as a member's client you will have access to this affordable arbitration scheme, which will give a unbiased resolution to any complaint

National Association of Funeral Directors

we have signed up to the NAFD as our best pracitce monitors. They established in 1905 to represent the intrest of botrh the bereaved and the Funeral Directors throught the country. They continuosly monitor the facilities we have, and the service we provide to the deceased and the bereaved. we are governed by their Code of Practice and copies are freely available in our office.


The Natural Death Centre

The Natural Death Centre is a charity dased on giving free impartial advice on all aspects of dying, bereavement and consumer rights in this sector. They will give you support and advice on all aspects of the funeral industry.


Membership Organisations

The Good Funeral Guide

The Good Funeral Guide is an independent consumer guide to funerals which is available in a book or online.

There are many organistaions that youo may be intrested in. We have listed a number on this page and as we come across more we will try and place them on here as well, so please keep checking in as this page will change from time to time.

If you find a site that you think would be good to place on here please let us know.


Serving North Devon

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The National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors

We have signed up to SAIF as they represent Independent Funeral Director. we have peroidic checks on our premises and way of working.